These are just a sample of testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“A consultation and examination with Dr. Chang on May 14th began my introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine. At that time Dr. Chang advised me that I had a serious stomach problem. I was rather mystified because I felt fine. Acupuncture treatments began four days later. When I admitted that I had no knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nor any experience with acupuncture, Dr. Chang was careful to explain his treatment methods and the basis for it.

Acupuncture treatments continued and my appointments with other western medicine practitioners also continued until I suffered two near-fainting spells and sought medical help from my primary care doctor, an internist, on August 4th. He diagnosed me as anemic and suffering significant blood loss through my stomach. I was hospitalized and subsequent examination revealed that my stomach lining was severely eroded by medications prescribed by my cardiologist. After being transfused with two units of blood and a two-night hospital stay, I was discharged with a revised list of medications. I was amazed to remember that about three months prior to this event, Dr. Chang had diagnosed my stomach condition.

Almost thirty years ago I became a heart patient after an acute myocardial infarction. In that time I have learned a great deal about being careful with diet, exercise, stress, and medications. I began reading about certain eastern medical practices and became open to the idea that complementary medical practices are beneficial. Through Dr. Chang’s treatments and teachings, a new and different world of medical care has opened up for me. Though he remains my doctor, I feel he has become a friend through his generosity and caring qualities.”

– Fletcher Denton

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